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- 920M #5358 up and running - VIDEO released (4/25/2021) -

Update of my Logbook completed - incl. completed Elliott collection!

25.4.2021:Released a new video on the 920M on YouTube: Applications, Anatomy and running software on the 920M.
6.6.2020: Update of the Elliott900 page completed, covering the successful restoration of a very old 920M computer.
4.6.2020: Update to the ADI42 in the Logbook after a blog entry on led to massive klicks to the video.
15.5.2020: Update of Logbook completed with adequate information on the restoration of a Elliott 920M
Computer and links to my documentary videos on the Nimrod AirData and the ADI42-124 .
15.9.2019: Started a major update of the TimeLine section to include the efforts of the last 2 years.
1.5.2018: Removed some older data and updated/revised Impressum (DSGVO-EU).
12.6.2017: Added section on future use of the C1-122 oscilloscope as x-y-display to the 04КН009 page.
11.6.2017: Released poster and slides shown on the VCFe 18.0 in Munich (sorry, German only).
10.6.2017: Fixed typos, complete update of the logbook 2015-2017 and the PEC/Elliott page.
5.6.2017:Major update to the PEC-Page: 902ME, historic context. TimeLine 2015-2017 work in progress.
30.04.2016: Upon request added EAGLE data of the HF-PCBs to the C1-122 and 04KN009 project
. Addition of original and own, new firmware for the Vaisala SPT11A manual
paper tape reader to the services section.

Addresses to reach me:

The most important reason for generating one's own (private) home-page in my opinion is to allow others to look up my address:
  • The most effective way to contact me is to use email:


  • Nearly every day I check for SMS:

    < 0173/3723182>

  • My address for snail mail in the west of Munich is:

    Erik Baigar,
    Gotzmannstrasse, 5, 1.Og,
    D81245 München,
    Tel. (0049)89/63496363
    48°09'30.82"N, 11°24'42.62"E, 570m above sea level

  • On Weekends I am sometimes in Marktoberdorf (100km from Munich in the beautiful Allgäu):

    Erik Baigar,
    Salzstraße 1
    D87616 Marktoberdorf
    47°46'39.6"N, 10°37'17.3"E, 732m above sea level

  • During the day I am working in the spectrocopy group of the development division of Thorlabs GmbH:

    Dr. Erik Baigar
    Scientific Lead Spectroscopy Systems
    Thorlabs GmbH
    Münchner Weg 1
    D85232 Bergkirchen
    Tel. (0049)08131/595640147
    48.275085°N, 11.471347°E, 540m above sea level

  • And here some out-of-date addresses.

  • Interesting Links to other WWW sites

    Another nice feature of a private home-page is that you can have bookmarks of pages you often use available on the net. So here are my bookmarks:

    General Infos:

    1. Search the WWW using Google, formerly DEC's Altavista searchengine, the green Ecosia or the non-tracking DuckDuckGo.
    2. At eBay there are always a lot of interesting auctions which can e.g. searched for vintage avionics and there is a German offspring of eBay, too.
    3. LEO offers a lot of software and quite acceptable German-English or German-French dictionaries.
    4. For a survey of films in Munich's cinemas click here, movies shown in Kaufbeuren's Corona are listed here and for info what's tonight on television look here.
    5. The Musikhochschule Muenchen often offers excellent performances of old and "new classical music.
    6. Using public transport in Germany can be planed by using the electronic enquiry desk of the Bahn AG.
    7. The local public transport in Munich, the MVV and his help-desk are not so bad as many people say.
    8. Some nice ASCII-ART is always allowed - in today's perfect and megabyte consuming world they bring a nice diversification.


    1. A nice point to start a search for many nice topics about electronics - e.g. Sam Goldwasser's FAQs.
    2. A nice collection of links can be found on the HF-Pages.
    3. Following pages deal with HF: Look at SOMIS' for practical (ham radio) issues.
    4. Looking for data-sheets try the following links: The famous Chipdir, Semiconductor Data-sheets, the Data-sheet catalog, the Data-sheet archive, and AllDataSheet. But in my opinion, the best database currently is datasheets360 since it offers direct access to many pdf files, works with all browsers, is not bloated with Ads and it lists lots of vintage parts, too!
    5. Agilent (HP) has some of the manuals and schematics of their cool test equipment online now.
    6. Some nice projects (some related to vintage computing) can be found on SparetimeGizmos or if you want to build a spectrum analyzer, look here.


    1. LRZ-München, Munichs top Computer facility.
    2. A useful whois-Database for several debugging purposes or a domain checker and a MAC lookup tool.
    3. SGI made very nice MIPS based computers running IRIX. For older OSes (5.3), the tgcware is very handsome.
    4. Manly PC-Computer hardware projects can be found here - useful e.g. for getting pin-outs!
    5. FAQs regarding UNIX systems (SUN, SGI, HP,...) untun 2013 have been available on Pimpin' Networks!
    6. PvMegaPOV is an extension to the multi-platform render program povray.
    7. Some interesting reading about minimalistic languages, e.g. the TinyBASIC.
    8. Vintage computers are a nice topic since they show how ingenious designs and ideas set the bases for today's horrible colored and bad M$ software: PDP8, Bitsaver-Archive, PDP8, performance database, a online and freely accessible Cray and last but not least ClassicComp Archive (Transputers, Helios and much more).
    9. Software development for older processors in assembler (e.g. 8051) and other architectures is much easier in using the know how from the WWW: Programmer's heaven. A very nice cross assembler for Z80, Cosmac, 6502 and many others is the asxxxx (nowadays this is part of the sdcc, too).
    10. Nekochan is a great knowledge base for SGI machines!
    11. UNIX offers many powerful tools, but you might want to look into these manuals on how to use them: SED, regular expressions and bash.


    1. The karate Dojo 1.MKC has it's own home-page as well as the new Dojo of Shihan Lowinger in Haldenwang and the German karate association. Nice movies (mpeg) of the Kata practiced in the Shotokan style can be seen online.
    2. Weather-forecasts and satellite images are available from the Klimarechenzentrum. Actual information on the weather and the possibility of avalanches in Switzerland and for Germany are available online.
    3. The home-page of one of Germany's best info stations, the Deutsche Welle is available here.
    4. In the alps near my homeland there is a nice school for climbing mountains. They have nice mountain guides and maps as well.
    5. Climbing guides are available in the Edition Filidor.

    Scientific (and hobby scientific ;-) ) Links:

    1. Patents are an important factor -do online searches in the US patent office or even better via UK's intellectual property office.
    2. One of the worst aberration of science was the invention of nuclear warfare.
    3. Look at the hobby-Scientific-page and a nice mailing list regarding Tesla coils lies on the WWW, too.
    4. Other interesting links concerning physics:
      1. Publications in OSA-Journals
      2. The Weizmann Institute provides links to valuable atomic physics databases.
    5. A how-to on building an Inexpensive X-ray Machine was published by the Scientific American in the sixties.
    6. Several Databases might be useful. Check out web-elements, mat-web. And if you have a spectroscope, the a database of the visible spectral lines is a must.
    7. Lasers are interesting toys and building one at home is not that difficult. Look here for HOWTO's.

    Companies, mainly electronics:

    1. LABX and Capovani are pages dealing with used optical components and lab equipment.
    2. Several commercial and non-commercial sites are offering cross-references and chip lists, e.g. Linear Technology and Maxim.
    3. A German computer discounter offering affordable hardware: Alternate.
    4. Used SGI-Hardware can be bought from SGIDEPOT.
    5. All types of test equipment and some very exotic parts are available at Rainer Foertig, Warbird relics and of course at Helmut Singer
    6. Bürklin (Fast and reliable - parts available for many years)
    7. Conrad (Recommended for consumer products)
    8. DigiKey (Lot of exotic parts and tools)
    9. ELV (Started as electronics magazine - now has good shop of kits and advanced hobbyists products)
    10. Fairview (RF,Microwave - seems to have complete offering, have not done business with them)
    11. Farnell (Components, Tools, broad offering but will not ship to end users - see HBE shop)
    12. HBE-Shop (Same offering as Farnell - will ship to end-users)
    13. Infratron (EMC but also piezo and mechanical stuff and thermal management)
    14. Jantsch (The great local electronics shop I grew up with)
    15. Laird (Antennas, Communication, EMC and shielding materials)
    16. Mini-Circuits (RF,Microwave - The standard supplier for all RF components)
    17. Mouser (Components - huge offering and ships to end users world wide)
    18. Reichelt (Components etc. with offerings similar to Conrad but often cheaper)
    19. RS (Components, Tools - will sell to end users)
    20. Strixner+Holzinger (The supplier for vintage and the most exotic components)
    21. Synergy (RF,Microwave - all types of components like Mixers, Amps, Filters,...)
    22. Thora (EMC and related mechanics)
    23. Trenz Electronic (Variety of FPGA-Boards)
    24. Würth (PCBs, passive components - famous for inductive parts)
    Links to home-pages of other people I know (not only via cyber space):
    1. Pia Frommknecht opened her business as dentist on the beginning of 2004.
    2. Thomas Hamm, who started his own business in autumn 1999.

    Older history:
    12.10.2015: Documentation of switch settings for the Calcomp OPC906/907 plotter controller added.
    5.10.2015: Added pictures of my Calcomp 1038/1039's internals to the special services section.
    1.7.2015: Uploaded FIN/RPMD-Explorer video to youtube. High res version to come later.
    22.6.2015: Minor fixes to PEC page's format and added new electronics companies to links.
    21.6.2015: Major update to the avionics projects chronology including material on the
    HDDsim for Rolm and the nicely running setup around the Tornado's
    inertial navigation suite and much more. Dead links removed.
    12.4.2015: Addition of a minor improved version of the dpa-43 cross assembler, targeting the PDP8 and DG Nova computers, to the IRIX freeware-section. Solaris(SPARC) and Windows(XP,7) binaries are located in the newly opened public domain ftp directory.
    26.4.2014: Major addition of information (1.5 years passed!) to the logbook and the PEC section in preparation for the upcoming VCFe 15.0 (poster and talk). 25.9.2012: Documented work on vintage Tornado avionics, the Mega haul of Rolm 1602 systems and the progress on the PEC-BlinkenLights (PEC-OMP) in the vintage computing and avionics logbook.
    17.4.2012: Another release of the IRIX-Simh including a Rolm 1602 emulator with boot capability.
    25.3.2012: Bugfix in the simh-binary for IRIX ("BOOT CPU" code for Nova/Rolm1602).
    26.1.2012: Update of the PEC page adding a "wanted items"section (and XLS file).
    23.6.2011: Update of my personal information; addition of the many achievements (e.g. PEC-Sound) of the last months to the vintage computing logbook, not only explaining the pictures added to the gallery of the PEC's page but also showing newly acquired parts ;-).
    2.6.2011: Version 1.3 of the Elliott Simulator released. Doku on FH7Z.8-GearBox added to specials.
    12.2.2011: PEC: New version 1.2 of the Simulator for 18 bit Elliott machines released. Tornado Engine Computer donated to the Deutsches Museum in Munich.
    12.12.2010: PEC: Added latest achievements to the Time-Line - included is a short video of the PEC BlinkenLights in action and an outlook to the Waveform Generator 1.
    17.11.2010: Uploaded a technical note with schematic of the Ferranti FH7Z/8 attitude indicator.
    14.09.2010: Linked in a new page on an electronics/test equipment project related to the 04KN009.
    30.05.2010: Update to PEC-Page: Documentation of UK-Trip and latest progress with the setup.
    30.01.2010: Added first blinkenlights related information and pictures of the newly acquired waveform generator from the early versions of Tornado to Time-Line.
    13.12.2009: Latest achievements added to the Time-Line and new pictures on the gallery.
    5.7.2009: Checked all pages for dead links and removed them; added diary to the PEC-page.
    6.6.2009: Added new pictures on PEC page - plotter is running under control of PEC now. Pictures sorted chronologically. Removed some outdated links.
    31.3.2009: Added IRIX software, repaired counters, minor changes in links and update to PEC.
    17.6.2008: Now ALL (even the custom ones) chips in the PEC are identified, thus there is an updated version of the Reference-Page with pin-outs.
    23.2.2008:Added page offering some freeware I compiled for the SGI/IRIX platform for download.
    19.1.2008:Update of my information page on the vintage military computer restoration project: New information including all secrets prayed out of the box so far. New: The unit is a 12/12 from Elliott.
    15.6.2008: Added additional Foxhunter picture, both now available in better resolution. Uploaded new documents about 12/12 and 902 (no comments yet).
    8.6.2008:Added technical information on all chips, used on the unit together with date code statistics.
    4.5.2008:Added document with pictures and information on all PCBs of the unit. 29.4.2008:Added Emulator for the vintage Elliott 903 series to the Black-Box-page of my vintage military computer restoration project. Additional new information: Experts believe that the box was used on the early radar of the Tornado aircraft.
    5.8.2006: Marriage with Pia Frommknecht.

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